We are redefining the Built Sector through stories, interactions, and services

Blaze is charged with the mandate to transform the AECO sector. Our online courses are just one channel towards that vision...

The Theme of Our Courses

  • Innovation

    Our courses are centered on Digital Transformation and Diverse Innovation emerging in the built sector. We take pride in working with thought leaders in the space.

  • Cutting-edge

    Our courses are well-researched to challenge the status quo in the built sector. Our instructors are professionals, researchers, and thought leaders, and we take the pain to reel out cutting-edge contents

  • Illustrative

    Beyond the quality of our courses, we format them in ways that make learning fun and engaging. Our courses feature multiple resource formats - illustrative visuals and texts...


What else do you get when you enroll for our courses?

  • Certificate of completion from reputable partner organisations

  • Quizzes and exams to test your knowledge

  • Perpetual access upon purchase of our courses

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